“Wired Wednesday” eBooks Presentation

  • PowerPoint show
  • Reviews library eBooks and getting started on your device for the first time
  • Followed by script demonstrating searching & downloading eBooks through Overdrive (not included in PowerPoint show)

Abington Reads 2012 Report

  • Final report on Abington Reads, a summer buddy reading program
  • Results of program and surveys

College Programs 2012 Flyer

  • Advertising 3 college planning programs
  • Created Sept 2012 for Abington Free Library

Pop Art Portraits Flyer

  • Advertising art programming for tweens
  • Created June 2012 for Abington Free Library


Power Up Your Grades website

  • Library resources for teens listed by subject
  • Created Oct 2012 for Abington Free Library
  • Permanent link on Abington’s Teen webpage


  • A pathfinder about Martin Luther King Jr. for high school students
  • Complies with Pennsylvania Academic Standards, U.S. History, 9th grade

Readers’ Advisory

Reading Olympics Booklist

  • Created 2012 for Abington Free Library
  • Senior High titles

The Hunger Games Booklist

  • Created April 2012 for Abington Free Library
  • Revised December 2012

Young Adult Mysteries Booklist

  • Created March 2013 for Abington Free Library

Teen Book Review Blog

  • “YA Lit Kick” blog for teenage readers and librarians
  • Each book features a booktalk, a summary, and a list of awards
  • Emphasis on science fiction titles
  • Searchable by descriptive tags and categories

Children’s Book Review Blog

  • “Reviews by Miss Lindsay” blog with evaluative reviews of children’s books
  • For librarians and parents looking for reading/collection recommendations
  • Searchable by descriptive tags

Information Literacy

IL Instruction Proposal

  • “Beginning Research for Homeschoolers in the Public Library”
  • An information literacy instructional plan with 3 main objectives, activities for various learning types, and evaluative assessments
  • In collaboration with Briana Cahill, Natalie Carlson, and Siobhan Lehotta